What can you do to manage a PR crisis?

A public relations crisis can damage your online reputation and hurt your business. Every post, conversation or statement, can be a trigger. How do you prevent a crisis? How quickly do you find out about a crisis? Here are is a roadmap to prevent and manage a PR crisis.
1Be Prepared
Have a crisis management plan & team, identify key players such as brand advocates, journalists, and influencers important to your industry. If you listen to them, they will let you know if you are facing a crisis: Use social listening to monitor how they are reacting to negative news.
Track unusual behavior such as an increase in mentions, or a sudden change sentiment. Keep your ear to the ground and listen daily across news outlets, blogs, and social channels. You need a benchmark of what is normal conversation and sentiment. If you don’t have access to benchmarked metrics, Nuvi Listen will let you run Twitter historical mentions and sentiment reports that will give context to the real-time information you are managing. Learn more about social listening tools here. Monitoring your online presence with real-time alerts, you will be able to catch the crisis before it grows out of control.
3Take Action
Understand who has been affected, why, and where you can reach them. Then define what will be your stand. You need to define a position to the crisis. Now is the time to act. If an apology is needed, make sure to tie it to specific actions to show how the company will modify its behavior. Continue to monitor & analyze how your actions are being received. Listening will lead to fresh insights and new actions. Online reputation management is a constant effort with a great return on investment. Nuvi Analyze provides you real-time information needed to successfully manage a crisis.