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January 28, 2019
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Weathering Change – 2019 Marketing Forecast

As the digital world is ever-evolving and continuously testing new ways to appeal to younger generations and other audience groups. It’s important to stay ahead of the trends and implement them (if appropriate) into your brand strategy before the competition. Be a leader!

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Here are some top-trends we see happening in 2019:

Messaging apps will skyrocket

Brands are moving beyond public social media posts and heading towards personalized experience via private messaging. WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, and WeChat hold a large percentage of the messaging market. They have already announced a few features that can take brands beyond traditional messaging.

Shifting focus

Prioritize your channels: don’t join a channel simply because everyone is on it. Analyze your 2018 performances to determine what is working, and what is not. Invest your time and resources on channels or initiatives that are most relevant to your niche audience.

Videos, podcast, and live streaming will BOOM!

Let’s face it, content consumption goes further with video. This year, drop the hammer and invest in video production, your ROI will thank you! Video marketing is not only more appealing for a brand, but it stands out to users. In fact, Facebook has adjusted their algorithm to ensure that videos appear more frequently on our newsfeeds. More marketers will also experiment with podcasts and live streaming, either to build their own personal brand or to promote their business.

Privacy will be prioritized

As privacy concerns increase, trust is more important than ever. Recently, Facebook made many users uncomfortable by sharing their data and is working to be more mindful about the use of consumer data. Whether you’re publicly admitting a mistake or updating your audience on a recent change, it is important to be transparent. So, keep including those disclaimers when running contests or promotions.

Augmented reality (AR) becomes mainstream

Facebook is heavily investing in AR in an attempt to dominate the field. Facebook Messenger currently has AR camera effects and have announced the introduction of AR ads to make social commerce more appealing. 

Listen, we can’t guarantee that trends will stick around long-term, but we can guarantee that testing them and challenging your brand can only help you grow. Whether it be earning your highest performance rates of all-time or simply collecting more audience data, you can’t really go wrong.  

Brad Green
Brad Green
Associate Creative Director