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April 26, 2019
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We Are Nuvi

Empowering Enterprise Brands

Less than a year ago Brickfish acquired Nuvi. This brought together the best of both worlds, uncovering key insights and putting them to action in a collaborative environment. Now we take another major step forward in the industry for enterprise brands.

We are now going to be known as Nuvi. With this change, we are excited to announce our unified solution that empowers enterprise brands to listen in real-time, plan, publish, engage, and analyze with the only platform built with teams in mind. Nuvi’s solutions are constructed to allow you and your team to lead rather than react. Nuvi’s integrated management solutions give you the power to take control of your brand in a collaborative environment, breaking down barriers to help your brand reach new heights.

Why does this matter?

If you look at a lumascape of the companies in the media marketing and management space, you see hundreds of companies and an overabundance of single-point solutions (software that does just one thing). Brands have to cobble together software that doesn’t even connect with each other which creates more problems than solutions.

That’s where Nuvi comes in. One solution to empower you to own the conversation around your brand. One platform where you can manage content, processes, and results. One partner that brings your teams together to streamline your workflow. One solution that uncovers key insights that connect you with your audiences. One company trusted by many of the world’s top brands. One solution to help you win.

We are excited to be able to show you our award-winning solutions. We are excited to be your partner in success.

We are Nuvi.