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March 11, 2019
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March 19, 2019

Twitter is a Conversation — not a Billboard

Twitter is a conversation — not a billboard. This sets it apart from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Of the various social media platforms, Twitter is unique. Twitter has its own language, style, and tempo. The problem is that Twitter’s linguistics are constantly evolving. Too often businesses find themselves disregarding Twitter because they haven’t figured out how to enter the conversation.

Here are some important keys to developing a successful business presence on Twitter:


Tweet early, tweet often, and tweet to engage. Since Twitter is based on conversations make it one of the first things you do in the morning. Wake up, look at your phone, and start talking.


Be aware of the trends. Keep your ear to the ground to learn what users are talking about — then engage. Many businesses come across as spammy because all they post are advertisements, rather than posting content that will resonate with their audience. Where that approach might work with Instagram or Facebook, but Twitter is about conversation. Your success depends mainly on how well you are able to engage in any relevant conversation.

Be relatable

Your conversation doesn’t have to always be about your brand. A great example of how to tweet for success is John Legere, CEO of T-mobile. With over 6 million followers this guy knows how to engage on Twitter.

Be Available

Don’t miss an opportunity to respond to followers’ tweets. Make them feel part of your conversation.

All of the social media platforms have their place and it is important to know how to maximize the potential of each. With Twitter, you simply have to understand how to initiate or join conversations and gain trust. Over time you will be included in conversations that you may not have anticipated.