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March 19, 2019
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Tourney Crashers, Cross Checks + Conversations

Sports have a way of ripping your heart out (sorry New Orleans Saints fans), but we just can’t get enough. Social media connects fans from across the globe and magnifies the largest sporting events. Sports fanatics from all over the world come to social platforms, find their favorite teams, and start or join conversations. As we look toward the next few months, we go into some of the best sports and events for social media. Sports fanatics look forward to these three exhilarating events and can’t wait to join the conversations.

NCAA Basket Tournament

The dramatics of this tournament is enough to give anybody high anxiety, especially with the Final Four in just two weeks. The conversations will be booming on all platforms, but the growth of YouTube might push that conversation there even further. One team to always keep an eye on is, you guessed it, Duke.

NHL Playoffs

In recent years, the NHL has grown in popularity. The NHL Playoffs are incredible — usually packed with intense hockey and a few missing teeth. Teams are really stepping up their game through social, especially a newer team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, there is no denying their social media game is on point. They expertly execute engaging, informative, and hilarious content that fans can’t get enough of. The rise of the Knights has been interesting to experience on Twitter and Instagram. If the social chatter is any indication, hockey could quickly join ranks with football and basketball to be a top-watched sport.

NBA Playoffs

The playoffs are always dramatic, intense, and overall a great time. As teams are eliminated, players and fans are always very active in the conversation online. The playoffs can drag on, but the social conversations make the experience even more enjoyable.

Social media has proven to be a great way to bring sports fanatics together. Teams and players now join in the conversations. A perfect example is Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. Mitchell is currently one of the most active basketball players in the league on social media. In his two seasons with the Jazz, Mitchell has brought energy on and off the court. Fans adore Mitchell on social, and he shows his appreciation right back by resharing, liking, or responding to fans posts. You can often find him sharing words of encouragement to young collegiate players. Mitchell is also spotted doing random acts of kindness. That doesn’t go unnoticed.

While some of the events are months down the road, the social chatter has already begun. As each event approaches, more and more will join the conversations. Social media has been an incredible unifying force in the sports world and will continue to be for years to come.