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The Results of Building an Organic Following

More isn’t always better — especially with followers!

Like a game of popularity, more followers are seen as better. Social media followers are valuable to organizations to help grow their online presence and engage with their customers. A larger following increases brand credibility to potential consumers.  But be careful how you grow your following.

Some businesses may meet the demand by purchasing followers. While this proves to be an easy method to quickly boost numbers, the long term benefits miss the mark. A wiser method is to spend your capital promoting your brand across social media to your target audience, rather than purchasing followers that are likely just bots. What good does purchasing followers provide if they don’t engage with your brand?

[bctt tweet=”Spend your capital promoting your brand to your target audience across social media, rather than purchasing followers that are likely just bots. What good does purchasing followers provide if they don’t engage with your brand?” username=”@brickfish”]

Organic followers naturally find organizations through relevant interests, promotions, or activities surrounding the brand. Individuals follow and engage with the brand out of genuine interest, which will always produce stronger results. In order to track success, it is vital to identify key performance indicators (KPI’s). KPI’s may change depending on the goals of each campaign, the audience, and the content type. Some might prefer reach over engagement, but engagement is often a more accurate KPI. 

Here are three critical reasons to grow an organic following:

Sharing is Caring

Organic followers are more inclined to share your brand’s content. When shared, it highly increases the spread and impact of your messaging. Why? For the very reason they followed in the first place — they find value in your message, services, and brand. Great content sparks a connection between your brand and your audience, which can spread like a wildfire fueling incredible long-term results.

Organic Followers Engage

Paid followers usually have no actual interest in doing business with your organization. Simply put, they add numbers to your follower count and not much more. Don’t fall into the trap and put too much focus dedicated to follower count. Organic followers not only share content, but they add to the conversation. User Generated Content (UGC) can often have a greater impact on your following as it is inherently more authentic.

Organic Followers Offer Feedback

Organic followers tend to be well-versed in your product or service. They are soundly educated on your offerings and use this vantage point to voice opinions and insights. These user insights are invaluable to your organization’s growth and development.

The results from growing an organic following will not be immediate. The new follower rate might be slower at the beginning but will pick up speed as the organic engagement rises. Over time brands reap the rewards to see an increase in their social footprint and substantial boosts in revenue.

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Ammon Mailo
Ammon Mailo
Client Success Manager