From Music, Fashion, to Social – How Brands Own Festivals
April 4, 2019
Impact Customers with Better Event Marketing
April 16, 2019

The Influence of Event Marketing

Influencers are an extension of your brand. At brand-sponsored events, influencers have the social capital to expand your brand’s reach and tap into a larger audience.

Keep reading to see how brands utilize influencers at events.


Daddario makes instrument pieces such as guitar strings, violin strings, and drum sticks. With Nuvi, Daddario identifies influencers that align with their brand. Usually incredibly talented emerging musicians, that might not be mainstream but have a dedicated following. From there, Daddario creates a mutually beneficial partnership with influencers. At events, trade shows, or Daddario-sponsored events, the musicians speak their love for Daddario while simultaneously promoting their own music.

The musicians/influencers are excited to receive new products to further their career and will happily promote Daddario on their social channels. This perfect example of a win-win situation. Daddario gets incredible influencers, at a small cost, and the influencers get premium products to do what they love — make music.

Brand trips

A huge event marketing trend, especially in beauty and fashion, is brand-sponsored getaways. These all-inclusive vacations often include spa treatments, fun activities, and incredible meals. In return, the influencers are required to post all about the vacay on their social pages. This practice allows the influencer to take their audience with them on the brand-created adventure. It is a great way to humanize and show the world what the brand is all about while promoting new products.

A great example is Milk Makeup’s recent trip to Joshua Tree. Milk brought along beauty influencers to California’s high desert to promote their newest makeup primer, Hydro Grip. The location was chosen for the extremely hot, dry climate — the perfect place to unveil the benefits and staying power of their hydrating primer in the most extreme conditions.

Drive revenue

Influencers have already proven themselves to be great promoters and salespeople — so let them sell your products. Companies can maximize influencer impact by hosting events influencers want to be part of. The influencers will promote your brand and the products they can’t get enough of. All while introducing your brand to a larger new audience eager to get their hands on everything your brand has to offer.