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January 3, 2019
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January 16, 2019

The Beauty of Listening

Social listening — the latest trend in the booming $450 billion beauty industry. Top brands like Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty, and Urban Decay utilize social data to support product launches, determine ideal pop-up shop locations, and track the constantly changing trends within the beauty community.

Formerly small unheard of brands, like Morphe and ColourPop Cosmetics are now household names. They utilized social listening to create strategic social media marketing campaigns and partnerships with influencers like Kathleen Lights, Jaclyn Hill, and James Charles. Social listening makes identifying influencers that align with brands quicker than you can say “poppin’ highlight.”

Brains and Beauty

Cosmetic brands are proving they have brains and beauty as they continue to surpass all other industries with breakthrough marketing. What is their secret weapon? Social listening. It’s never been easier for brands to report the top trends, highly requested product suggestions, and key influencers.

Beauty and Influencers

Influencer’s impact over 70% of consumer purchasing decisions and own more than 55% of conversations within the beauty community. Leading brands have now made influencers a central aspect of their marketing. Through social listening, they’ve realized recommendations from trusted personalities like Nikkie Tutorials, Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, and others coupled with their traditional marketing skyrockets sales.

Don’t be fooled, these campaigns are complex. In order to launch profitable influencer campaigns, brands must take the necessary steps to stay in control of their message. Especially with the popular trend of social media ‘takeovers.’ Takeovers occur when an influencer takes control of a brand’s social page for a period of time. This is most popular on Instagram and usually includes a series of stories and posts on the account. When done successfully, the joint effort results in authentic, resonating content that audiences crave without the brand losing control of their messaging.

The vast reservoir of unsolicited feedback held on social media drives marketing efforts for brands of all sizes in every industry. Take it from the beauty industry, social listening is the perfect foundation for every marketing campaign.

Nuvi’s solutions save time, increase efficiency, and eliminate some strenuous marketing tasks altogether. Nuvi listen allows brands to actively listen to the needs of their consumers to create incredible customer-centered campaigns. Collaborating with influencers has never been easier with Nuvi’s plan and publish. Nuvi makes the creative process between teams and influencers seamless — keeping the brand in control, while still capitalizing on the influencer’s clout to drive brand awareness and sales.

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