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January 25, 2019
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Social Media Engagement that Converts

Engagement that Converts – Five ways to improve the way you engage with leads.

In the previous piece, we discussed how to find leads through Brickfish’s social listening platform, Nuvi, and the best tools to help your team stay on top of these opportunities. As you identify leads on social media, you must decide upon an engagement strategy to properly warm these leads and carry them through the buying cycle. [bctt tweet=”As you identify leads on social media, you must decide upon an engagement strategy to properly warm these leads and carry them through the buying cycle.” username=””]

Possible engagement methods include contests, direct messaging, giveaways, influencer partnerships, and any strategic way to capture user information. Below are our top tips to get the most out of your engagement.

Share Content

Warm up your leads subtly by sharing content relevant to the industry. For example, a pet supply company monitored users talking about ticks and fleas on dogs. Rather than responding with an aggressive “Check out our product” comment, they decided to share a blog post from their website that talked about ways to prevent fleas and ticks with links to products.

Give Discounts

This is one of the simplest tactics for engaging with leads. Create a specific promo code or discount link to share with users on social media. This creates a gesture of goodwill and can help to shorten the sales cycle – especially if the discount is timed to create urgency.

Collect Information

You can start collecting user information by sharing specific links with a call to action (CTA). Pages that have quick forms to fill out can help your brand to collect emails, names, etc. In return, you can give the user access to content or discounts. Use these emails in your email marketing and retargeting lists.


If you don’t have a Facebook or Google retargeting pixel installed on your website, install one today. Retargeting ads are crucial to helping to keep leads warm and impacting their decision to buy. When you share a link to a website with a retargeting pixel, that user is added to your retargeting list so that you can reach them with carefully crafted digital ads at a later time.

Customer service

Customer service is not typically considered as a “lead gen” method, but when you provide customer service on social media, the conversation doesn’t end between you and the customer. Instead, your responsiveness and quality of service are visible to each customer’s followers. This can create brand advocates and keep your brand at top of mind when a lead is in need of your services or product. 

As you engage with leads on social media, you’ll be able to create a more meaningful impression. Focus on engaging in a timely manner with relevant responses that capture user information. This will greatly impact your lead quality, the sales cycle, and keep leads from stalling.