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Social Listening Saves a Garlic Company’s Image

Brickfish’s social listening platform, Nuvi, has been nominated to receive a Shorty Award for the best real-time response for their efforts taken to repair Christopher Ranch’s image. Christopher Ranch is the largest producer of garlic in the United States. The family-owned farming operation, located in the bounteous Santa Clara Valley of California, has been in operation since the late 1800s.

After a docuseries falsely portrayed their farming as unethical, Christopher Ranch needed to repair the damage done to their reputation — and quickly. The conversations occurring on social media were negatively trending. Even worse, retail outlets, (direct customers of Christopher Ranch) began to exhibit major concerns over the building unsavory sentiment. Retailers were feeling pressured to stop carrying the product in their stores.

It became apparent that Christopher Ranch was only seeing a narrow portion of the detrimental feedback through their own social media accounts. Christopher Ranch began using Nuvi to provide them access to examine the entire social sentiment — not just what was visible on their own social feeds.

Being aware of the negative associations with your brand is only a portion of the solution. The next step is to take action on that negativity. Christopher Ranch launched counter campaigns to show that the documentary made inaccurate assumptions. In addition, Christopher Ranch’s executive leaders began to identify, through the platform, the social influencers working contrary to their message. Rather than taking a controversial approach, they directly reached out to have an open discussion, present them with some facts and requested their feedback. This practice dramatically affected the sentiment of conversations regarding Christopher Ranch and is still in use today.

Protecting and rebuilding your brand’s image and reputation takes as much vigilance as it did to establish it in the first place. Through Brickfish’s social listening, Christopher Ranch repaired their reputation, turned potential adversaries into brand advocates, and revitalized their market strategy.

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