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October 1, 2018
Crisis Management Planning
October 11, 2018

Shifting Our Engagement Paradigm

Does worrying about content engagement numbers have you up at night? Are stakeholders expecting miracles in spite of social network algorithms increasingly diminishing exposure for your organic content? It’s time for a paradigm shift.

While quality content will always be part of a comprehensive social media strategy, our highest value content is our audience recommending us to their friends and family. In fact, Word of Mouth Marketing is 5 to 100 times more effective than a business promoting itself.*

While we want to keep an eye on how our content is performing, our focus needs to be on actively pursuing engagement with our fans. On average, 60% of brands conversations are happening off a brand’s social profiles. Not only are companies missing out on this opportunity, but those conversations are also not even on their metrics radar. With a comprehensive social listening tool, we can find, engage, grow and measure this conversation.

The new engagement strategy focuses on building an audience’s conversation about a brand to maximize the power of word of mouth marketing. By getting in the trenches and engaging with all of our fans, we build relationships, grow our audience, develop brand advocates and ultimately close more sales.  

How do we measure the broader conversations? New Engagement Metrics focus on off profile and on profile numbers such as:

  • Number of unique authors that talk about us each month both on and off our social profiles
  • Total number of posts made by our audience both on and off our social profiles
  • Reach and spread of our audience’s brand conversation

Social media is all about developing a relationship with our followers. To do this we must shift the paradigm from our audience engaging with our content to us, the brand, finding our audience and having a conversation with them.

*WOMM, 2014