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February 13, 2019
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February 19, 2019

Shifting Customer Care – Driving Hertz to the Top

Brickfish and Hertz Nominated for the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

On 2/8 voting opened for the 11th Annual Shorty Awards which honor the best of social media. Brickfish has been nominated for their work on improving the overall quality of the customer experience provided to Hertz’s customers via social. Hertz and Brickfish won the award for Customer Service in 2018 for their work increasing the response times across all of Hertz’s social channels.

Having demonstrated industry-leading speed, the only area left to improve was in quality and resolution. One key metric used was NPS scoring. The combined teams monitored the scores given by customers who reached out with customer care issues as a way of tracking the percentage of these concerned customers that were converted into promoters of the brand.  Across the whole of 2018, Hertz achieved a score of -4.2.

A -4.2 means that roughly an equal number of customers are being converted into promoters as those who remain unhappy and a result like this where all incoming were unhappy is an amazing turnaround. The work the combined teams have done was validated in November when the JD Power rankings for customer satisfaction came out and Hertz had increased by 26 points to rank second in the Car Rental category.

Winners are determined by popular vote, so vote early and vote often: Shifting Customer Care – Driving Hertz To The Top.