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Sanity vs Screen Time

We spend more screen time on our devices than most anything else. Smartphones, social media, and other technology made significant impacts on our overall health. Let’s connect the dots – studies have found as smartphone use increases, so do anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Giving up social media and our devices isn’t a realistic option – so how can we combat the negative effects while improving our wellbeing and marketing?

Mental Health

Minimizing or reversing negative effects of device usage can be addressed by making mental health a priority. Mindfulness is a great method to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. Simply put, mindfulness is the act of removing bias and misleading self-narratives to be fully aware and focus on the present. Check your preconceived notions at the door, put mindfulness to work, and discover unique ways smartphones can actually enhance our professional and personal lives.


This might sound crazy, but try using smartphones and technology to unwind. There is no shortage of apps dedicated to health and wellbeing. Smartwatches have technology in place to remind you to drink water, stand up, and take deep breaths throughout the day which can improve universal health. Deep breathing is also an effective form of meditation for stress management. Additionally, getting in touch with a licensed therapist is now just an app away. However straightforward they may seem, these simple applications can have a significant impact — especially in our fast-paced world. So how can we best use our devices for wellness? On the inverse, how can mindfulness make for more successful marketing?


While the concept of “wellness” has been on-trend for a while, the mindfulness and meditation boom is quite new. The trend is rather popular on Instagram with over 12.2 million posts tagged #Mindfullness and 23 million for #Meditation. It seems that as our world and technology become more and more chaotic by the minute, people are simply trying to slow down and take stock.

Wellness is becoming a larger priority in the workplace. Businesses are beginning to incorporate mindfulness and meditation programs. Some even include on-site yoga instructors and massage therapists to boost employee relaxation and morale for a more constructive and productive workplace.

Marketing and Mindfulness

Consider how mindfulness and meditation can empower not just your team morale, but your marketing campaigns. Tapping into techniques to relax our minds and see the world with more clarity can greatly improve the way marketing is approached. Empathy, balance, and perspective are all keys to executing a successful and authentic strategy and practicing mindfulness.

Although popular, mindfulness is more than a trendy buzzword. Learn how to apply mindfulness in all aspects of your life to increase productivity, success, and overall wellbeing.