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January 8, 2019
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Rollable TVs, Walking Cars, HUGE Social Presence – CES 2019

Last week consumers and brands flocked to Las Vegas for CES 2019. The convention is the mecca of innovation where brands showcase what they’ve been working on. Following suit of previous events, this year was full of bizarre products — like a walking car.

In the sea of unconventional products vying for consumer attention, televisions stole the show. Yes, most of us own at least one TV and have for decades. The TVs consumers are gawking over aren’t your typical screens, they actually have some incredible new features. Many brands released technology that improved the audio and display, but MicroLED and rollable TVs are what consumers couldn’t get enough of.

Following TVs and Hyundai’s walking car, the largest conversations on social were surrounding foldable smartphones, flexible display devices, a quantum computer, and contact lenses.

CES may have taken place in Nevada, but the conversations occurred on a global stage. The largest conversations took place in the United States, United Kingdom, India, France, Canada, and South Africa. According to our Nuvi monitor, the event had around 500 thousand mentions and a social spread of nearly 5 billion.

The notion that the tech space is dominated by men is false. Close to half of the social mentions from CES came from women. It was interesting to see conversations did differ based on gender. Women talked most about healthcare innovation and vision technology. While artificial intelligence, Sci-Fi, quantum computer, and smartphones were trending keywords for men.

There is no disputing CES was critical for brands. It gave them a place to showcase new products to come and see consumer feedback. If a product was a flop, brands can use feedback to make necessary adjustments before taking a product to market.

The top influencers for the event were a mix between news organizations and major tech companies like CNN, Facebook, Samsung, Forbes, and Google.

Consumers did have some complaints. Only 2% of the sentiment was found to be negative, the complaints are valid. Privacy, expensive prices, and technology taking jobs were the three largest complaints from new releases at the event.

After everything is said and done, CES was definitely a success. Obviously, there were some flops, but there were also some huge successes to be celebrated. Brands gained valuable consumer insights to drive business while consumers witnessed the tech evolution.