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July 1, 2019
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Rising From the Ashes – The New Agency Model

It has been said that marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the last 500. In this rapid evolution, public relations and ad agencies must adapt if they want to survive. Although creativity will continue to be the heart and soul of agencies, that alone is no longer enough. 

Shifting Spend

33% of marketing executives plan to reduce the number of agencies they work with. However, clients aren’t spending less on marketing, they are shifting those funds towards new services outside of an agencies’ comfort zone. To counteract clients shifting resources away from agencies, you must step out of the box and provide the new services clients now require.

Trust is Declining

Trust has always been and will continue to be the backbone of professional relationships. Unfortunately, advertisers are ranked among the least trusted out of all professions. According to this recent Gallop report, trust in advertising professionals is severely lacking – only three professions were ranked worse. Can you guess who are they? The extremely honest members of congress (I kid, I kid), lobbyists, and car salespeople. 

Today relationships are transactional, and data is the new currency. As trust in agencies continues to dwindle, what is the best way to create and maintain relationships? 

The answer is quite simple… Regain clients’ trust! With data collected from social platforms, blogs, RSS feeds and virtually every online source, agencies have the capabilities to provide new data-backed services, back up recommendations, and solidify client relationships.

How Do You Get Your Hands on the Data?

Gathering data may seem daunting, time-consuming, and expensive for agencies struggling to retain clients and reach revenue goals. Don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated or as costly as it seems.  

Utilizing social marketing services, like Nuvi, gives agencies the needed intelligence to uncover actionable insights into their clients’ data. From there, agencies are in a much better position to understand their client’s audience and provide insights for new products, competitive analysis, and truly be consultants on strategic decisions. Below are some examples of data-based services that agencies can provide.

Take a deeper dive into these data-backed services that will provide new growth methods for your agency and your clients – without sacrificing creativity in our latest guide

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