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April 16, 2019
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April 23, 2019

Reach New Heights with Experiential Marketing

Consumers want brands to create experiences – not just products. Experiential marketing focuses on helping consumers immerse themselves in a brand, rather than using traditional advertising mediums such as digital ads, billboards, TV, radio, etc. While these methods can potentially reach a wider audience, the experiential approach engages the consumer on a more intimate and tangible basis. Ultimately, companies utilizing this strategy want to help customers form memorable, emotional connections with a brand to foster customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.

Following brand experiences or events 74% of participants associated positive feelings towards the brand. More often than not, people remember how something made them feel rather than the actual event.

Brands in the outdoor industry do a great job of incorporating experiential marketing for their products. Many rock climbing gyms host climbing shoe brands and let the patrons demo the shoes. This facilitates a more personal aspect to their client approach, makes the climber feel valued, and allows the climbers to test out what they want in their climbing gear.

Marketing doesn’t stop at the experience. Brands are incorporating digital elements into events and experiences. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Great examples are as simple as an event hashtag or resharing a brand post for 10% off of a purchase. Don’t over-think it. Just keep climbing, one step at a time, and ensure that the digital element aligns with your event goals.

Experiential marketing adds greater value to a brand or product. Customers gain a tangible point of reference and will be more likely to have a positive connotation to that brand or product. Reduce buyers remorse and watch the consumer purchasing likelihood climb through experiential marketing.