Collaborate between departments using tools built for teams. Our “Team Chat” feature gives permissions-based access for content creation. Assign posts to the people that need to see them or mention them in the comments to notify them that they are needed. Your team can add in multiple images or copy choices for you to review and select from all in one place - without switching apps.

Plans at
a Glance

Instantly tell how many posts you have scheduled, for how many accounts, and for what topics in an easy to use universal calendar. Nuvi Plan provides you with a holistic look at your real-time social media posting schedule, whether it's for the month, quarter, or year. View everything with one click.

Stay in
the Know

Want a post to repeat each month? Want it to post to every social channel and remind you when it is going out? Easily set repeating posts and channels and get a reminder in email, slack or more of status updates and internal comments.