Need to stand out from your competition?

Do you struggle to measure brand awareness and marketing effectiveness? Discover actionable real-time insights on your brand’s online performance compared to competitors for any time period. Understand how your brand is perceived, identify growth opportunities, and how you stand out from your competition.
1Understand Your Audience
First, you need to know who your competitors are and how they are perceived by your target audience. This means finding out what are their past and present strategies; what media channels are they using; what is your competitors brand awareness and how does it compare to yours? This analysis will help you establish what makes your brand unique and what attributes you can emphasize in order to build stronger relationships with your current audience and continue to grow it.
2Learn From Your Competition
Using Nuvi Listen, you can discover your competitors’ strategies, what media channels they are using to reach customers, and their brand awareness. Social listening allows you to monitor what customers are saying about your competitors’ products, services, brand, advertising, and leadership. You can benchmark your strategy learning from the wins and losses of your competition.
3Create Killer Content
By examining the listening data, you can more easily predict new trends and be the first to engage your audience with relevant content in Nuvi Publish. Bring your teams together with our Team Chat feature and collaborate across departments to build cohesive content that will stand out and help extend your brand to your target audiences.
4Be Responsive
Using Nuvi Engage, you can carry on meaningful conversations with your audience across social, escalate issues internally, and connect with your CRM to make sure your top users receive the attention they deserve. If you respond quickly when your audience reaches out, you put your brand ahead of the competition.
5Measure, Measure, Measure
The only true way to assure campaign success is to constantly measure performance. With Nuvi Analyze, you can get a great view of how your content is performing with your key audiences, and you can learn of emerging targets for future campaigns.