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How To Measure An Influencer’s “Influence”

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Finding influencers is only half the battle. The next big step is measuring the impact they can make.”Your measurements will depend on what your influencer marketing goal is — more followers, an increase in sales, or even higher engagement from your audience.

It’s easy to find basic information on how effective an influencer is like their public follower and engagement stats. But valuable metrics like audience demographics and video watch time are not easily found or accessible.

Third-party companies like Tubular Labs and OpenSlate offer in-depth stats including demographic information, engagement rates, and even the audience makeup of specific campaigns.

Overall, these are the main results you want to measure following a campaign to determine success:

  1. • Total reach of campaign
  2. • Total engagement on influencer posts (clicks, likes, views, shares, comments)
  3. • Investment of campaign compared to action from audience attributed to posts, such as sales
  4. • Direct traffic to site coming from influencer posts
  5. • Increased brand awareness (new mentions of brand from new individuals) 

Now, much of these are not readily available until after the campaign and sometimes not for months after. If you want to view success during the campaign and see if your influencer is hitting the mark, these conversions can help.

  • Trackable Links: Using Google Analytics or specialty sites like NeoReach provide options to track how many online sales an influencer drove for you. However, trackable links can only be posted to certain platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.
  • Promo Codes: Promo codes incentivize your audience to buy a product, and help to easily track the impact of a campaign.
  • Posts To Sales: Noting the time an influencer posts about a product, discount, promo code, etc. and correlating that to any new traffic or sales to your site following that post.


Though there is still much to be desired of how to track an influencer’s success with your brand, following the steps above to measure both during and after a campaign is a start. Plus as the influencer trend grows, there are influencer networks such as Omnicom’s The Marketing Arm that provide hundreds of thousands of vetted influencers to tap into.

Influencer marketing can be a compass to newfound brand success. It is the brand’s own strategies and goals though that will be the map.