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December 11, 2018
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Know Your Audience

How One Industry Giant Avoided Getting Nuked By Knowing Their Gamer Audience And Where To Communicate With Them.

The gaming industry is expected to surpass $130 billion this year. What makes it so successful? Leading brands know their audience.

Bethesda is a household name to millions of gamers worldwide. That’s right, millions! They have a long history of releasing best-selling games within the industry. Bethesda regularly attributes a large portion of their success to the close relationships built within their community. They know their audience, and they know them well.

The largest conversations in the gaming industry take place on Reddit. Yet, brands look at Reddit as uncharted waters they aren’t sure how to navigate. As a result, Reddit is often overlooked in social media marketing and engagement strategies. Industry giants like Bethesda have realized they cannot afford to ignore Reddit any longer. In order to understand their audience, smart brands listen.

Reddit functions through a system of upvoting and downvoting. The fate of user published content and even comments are decided upon. The platform allows for the bugs, feature requests, server disconnects, the most important and agreed upon issues within the community to bubble up to Bethesda’s committed eyes. It is the most direct connection to fans for updates, statements, patch notes, and roadmaps — delivered straight into the eager hands of its community.

Bethesda remains active on all major social media platforms, but knows Reddit houses the important discussions. Through recent challenges in key product releases, Bethesda was able to work with their audience on Reddit to resolve concerns and create games that their fans love and support — All by listening to their community on Reddit.

The key components that make Reddit an ideal place for the gaming community:

  • Up and down voting system to curate content amongst the community
  • Reddit demographic aligns with their target audience
  • Redditors tend to be passionate and outspoken about their communities and topics, giving brands ample amounts of data
  • Members of the community are rewarded for participation through “Karma points”

Content creators who understand their audience know where and how to reach them. Understanding when, where, and how to reach your target audience makes a huge difference in determining if a product is a hit or a total flop. Even if it flops, brands like Bethesda have proven through careful community management and social listening brands can still win with the help of loyal fans.

Use data when identifying your audience. Then devise and implement a social strategy that your audience can relate with. Through Nuvi listen brands have access to greater business insights to understand consumer behavior like never before.

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