The Influence of Event Marketing
April 12, 2019
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April 18, 2019

Impact Customers with Better Event Marketing

Picture this: It’s your first day of college orientation. You’re walking through a room of crowded tables and are approached by a credit card company that offers you a free t-shirt in exchange for signing up a new account with them. This is event marketing – one of the most memorable and personal ways for companies to target their ideal demographic.

Event marketing typically takes place at large in-person events like sporting events, concerts, or college job fairs. Marketers incorporate one-of-a-kind benefits like a discount or freebie (i.e. your old college t-shirts) to entice potential customers in their target demographic to sign up for their service, whatever it may be. This promotional strategy allows the potential customer to feel like the transaction is mutually beneficial to both the consumer and the brand.

Don’t discount digital advertising when it comes to event marketing. Take offline marketing online by incorporating a digital piece to your in-person campaign. Adding digital to the mix captures your potential customer from a variety of angles. One of the most successful activations of a marketing campaign that incorporates both in-person and digital channels is McDonald’s long-standing Monopoly campaign. While the campaign’s promotional strategy requires entrants to participate in a face-to-face interaction with the brand, the digital component of registering your Monopoly pieces in their interactive online game allows the brand to leave both personal and digital impressions on the potential customer.

Marketers must decide in advance to target a specific demographic for their event campaign to be successful.  For example, a campaign you’ve decided to launch at an event like Comic-Con would be vastly different than a campaign you’d launch at a Home & Garden show. Creating an in-person experience that resonates with your target audience increases positive awareness of your brand and leaves a lasting impression on consumers.

Event marketing is unique and leaves a lasting impression on the minds of those who experience it. Grabbing the attention of a potential customer in-person makes for a special one-on-one interactive experience that can’t be replaced by the digital age of advertising.

Danny Stenger
Danny Stenger
Account Manager