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May 31, 2019
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How to Solve the Four Biggest Influencer Pain-Points

Creating an online presence isn’t an easy task. Even the best influencers will find themselves in some sort of PR bind. If you’re currently working with influencers or plan to in the future, it is important to understand these four chronic pain-points, identified in Nuvi listen, that most influencers are running into today.

Impossible timelines

Many influencer experts express a common concern – miscommunication between brands and influencers. The excitement influencers feel at the budding stage of the relationship with a brand can quickly turn to immense stress. Brands tend to look at influencers as magic pills that produce instant results, which just isn’t realistic. Brands of all sizes and industries can benefit from influencers, but it is important to have a realistic timeline to achieve influencer marketing goals.  


Rather than partnering with any brand that throws cash their way, successful influencers are looking to build lasting partnerships with brands in an effort to remain authentic. Lasting relationships between influencers and brands don’t blossom overnight. Regardless of the influencer’s clout, it takes time to persuade their audience that a brand, product, or service is worth their support.

A top mention in our Nuvi monitor was by an English cyclist, Laura Scott. Scott took to Twitter to voice her frustration with an apparel brand wanting her to promote their products without her ever trying them. Many influencers supported Scott’s message and have similar experiences with brands. Nothing, I repeat, nothing about that is authentic.

Lasting partnerships are beneficial for brands and influencers. Unfortunately, many brands commit this same blunder. In order for an influencer to create legitimate content, they must have access to the product. How else are they supposed to adequately highlight their favorite features and persuade their audience to spend their hard-earned money on?

Compelling content strategies

What is the ideal content for your campaign? Help influencers produce effective content for their target audience by providing them with data from social listening solutions like Nuvi listen. Social listening identifies what’s important to consumers and shapes highly-profitable content strategies that make brands and influencers lives easier.  

Stress from increased visibility

Although it is extremely validating for influencers to see their follower and viewership numbers rise – it is also daunting. Social media is heavily weighted on feedback and engagement. If an influencer publishes a content less effective than usual, users are not shy in sharing their criticism. With increased visibility, brands and PR experts should provide guidance to their influencers to bypass any unnecessary slip-ups and maximize efficiency.

Now what?

Understanding how to solve the four biggest pain-points is a huge competitive advantage for brands. As influencers become more and more selective with their partnerships, remaining aware and helping them resolve struggles before they even occur is a massive selling-point influencers won’t forget. Taking steps to alleviate some stressors will drastically improve and create mutually beneficial lasting partnerships that will propel your brand closer to your short and long-term goals.