How fast is your content approval process?

Each piece of content takes, on average, 18 hours. Speed up the process while creating resonating content as a team, avoid production bottlenecks, and simplify your content calendar while making sure each piece of content goes through the proper channels.
1A Better Approval Process
The best way to navigate these troubled waters is to have a content approval process. Start by deciding who will be responsible for creating the content, who will approve it and in what order; establish process deadlines and a way to document what happens with each piece of content. A good approval system should avoid the confusion of email threads or outdated excel sheets. Do you have a clear process outlined and documented, and do you follow it? Can collaboration actually increase the speed and efficiency of your process?
2Simplify Your Content Calendar
Remove clutter and simplify your content workflow and calendar. Nuvi Plan makes the approvals process quick and painless. It allows your team to collaborate with permissions-based access. Within the platform, you can assign posts to the people that need to see them or mention them in the project’s comments to notify that they are needed. Push notifications will remind everyone if a task is pending. Using Nuvi Plan and Nuvi Publish can cut your workflow time by 80%( Data from Dave. Love the statement. Can we back it up somehow?)