How can I get my teams on the same page?

Managing your online presence and reputation is a team effort. In order to win, you need a great offense and defense. See how Nuvi provides brands with the best of both whether it is social listening, workflow management, planning, or publishing your bases are covered.
1Create A Plan
Clearly define objectives and roles. Each member knows what is expected of them, their teammates, and the workflow order. Having a clear process prevents unnecessary production bottlenecks and headaches.
2Give Your Team Effective Tools
Longer and longer email threads or outdated excel sheets won’t cut it. Nuvi simplifies your workflow, eliminates production uncertainty, improves the creation pipeline, and ensures employees understand their responsibilities.
3Simplify Your Processes
Balancing each aspect of content creation doesn’t have to be difficult. Nuvi Plan allows your team to collaborate with permissions-based access. With features like the ability to drag and drop content from one stage to the next, chat with team members on each post throughout the creation process, and filter to only show their assigned tasks makes Nuvi Plan extremely easy to use.
4Improve Engagement and User Experience
Never forget an interaction. Nuvi Engage integrates with Salesforce and most CRM’s so you have the full picture and resolve the concerns of those engaging with your brand quicker.