How can I better interact with my audience?

Only 35% of consumers say that communications from their favorite brands are usually relevant. This is shocking! Most consumer-facing communications are missing the target. How can you know if your message is in tune with your audience’s thinking and language? How can you really win the hearts and minds of your target audience?
1Listen First
If you want to talk to your audience, first understand how to speak their language. By listening, you discover what content is relevant to them. Businesses can benefit on new trends as well as “tentpole events” or key pop culture moments to start conversations with your audience.
2Be Human
We don’t like template answers to our questions; we expect a social connection with brands. At the same time, customers are willing to pay more for brands that are responsive on social media channels. Social Media is the best place to build personalized relationships with your customers and prospects. Nuvi Engage allows you to personalize your communications by actively reaching and impacting the conversations around your brand and industry - all in real-time, and jump in and respond or escalate an issue internally with Nuvi’s unified inbox. Learn more about Nuvi Engage here.
3Use Social Media for Customer Service
67% of consumers have interacted with a brand’s social media account for customer service issues. Did you know that Instagram customer support is a thing now? Providing social media customer service is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Nuvi Engage integrates with your Salesforce and most CRM’s so you can get a full picture of those engaging with your brand. You can also integrate alerts on the Slack project management platform. Use Nuvi solutions to interact with your audience and build real, meaningful relationships with them.