Hertz needed a way to resolve customer issues across social media to reduce overall negative sentiment surrounding their brands. They realized slow responses can influence purchasing decisions. Over 67% of consumer complaints weren't being responded to, and if they were, it took over five hours for a reply. Negative sentiment was at an all time high.


Hertz partnered with Nuvi's social management team to implement a new social customer care strategy and respond to more custom complaints in a timely manner. In addition, Hertz partnered with influencers to help in the relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, TX.


With Nuvi, the Hertz Corporation received a Shorty Award for best in class customer care, decreased their first Response Time (FRT) by over 89%, and lowered negative sentiment by 19%. Hertz, Dollar, and Thrift became the three fastest car rental companies in the industry on Twitter, far surpassing competitors.