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January 30, 2019
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February 4, 2019

Grow with Social Media Giveaways

Have you ever wondered how to increase your following on social media? A fun, interactive, and effective method of increasing your presence and followers are by hosting social media giveaways. Here are five successful types of giveaways that you can implement right away to make a substantial difference for your social this year.

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#1 – Share to win

When trying to increase your following on social media, ask your connections to retweet/share your content for a chance to win something. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Simply post a photo to describe the giveaway and rules. Next, ask your followers to share the post in order for a chance to win. The winner with this type of giveaway should be chosen at random.

#2 – Trivia question

This is a fun and interactive giveaway.  What makes this engaging is that it creates the opportunity for a friendly competition amongst your followers on social.  Whether it’s finding the differences between two photos, guessing a zoomed in photos identity, or coming up with a tricky question. Nostalgia is always huge in trivia so dig deep into your Saved By The Bell, Friends, or Seinfeld knowledge.

#3 – Fill-in-the-blank contest

This contest is very simple.  All that’s required is for you to write an incomplete sentence and to then have your followers/fans fill in the blank.  

When considering this, and really any other method, be sure to include a photo to attract more attention.

#4 – Essay question

Essay contests are a great way to get users or followers to collectively gather content around their most memorable memories of your brand, products, customer experiences, etc.  Give the individuals the chance to vote on their favorite entry, have them share the posts on their social networks, and then have them include your handle or tag your company in their post.

#5 – Creative Photo Contest

Whether you’re doing this creative photo contest on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook – you’ll want to come up with a unique idea that motivates your customers to get creative with your product. Your followers will post their photos on the social media channel you’re looking to focus on and then the winner can get awarded with company swag, gift card, etc.

One thing to always remember, make sure you have a link to terms and conditions with any contest and know what is legal for your industry or state.

There are plenty of great social media giveaways and strategies you can implement to increase your following, audience, and presence on social media. The more engaging you are on social media, the higher chance you’ll have at finding new business opportunities, influencers, and growing your brand.