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April 23, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Four Ways to Score Big with Sports Sponsorships

Thinking about investing in sports sponsorships, but unsure of the benefits? Keep reading to see four benefits of sports sponsorships.

Social Media

Social media is becoming a popular place for streaming sporting events. 80% of fans use social media during live sporting events. Not only are videos of the event appear online after they happen, but users post about the event in real time. This opens a wider range of platforms.

Brand Exposure

Big sporting events gain a massive amount of worldwide attention which results in a high ROI. Featured ads, signs, and radio spots are typically included in this in which will boost brand recognition. People typically form positive opinions on businesses when the brand is tied to high-profile events.

Brand exposure can much more subtle, while still effective. Golf Legend Tiger Woods famously wears a red Nike polo shirt on Sunday’s during golf tournaments. Without loud advertising, consumers associate Nike with one of Golf’s greatest. The Sunday red Nike polo has become an undeniable symbol of the game.

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Marketed Demographic

Sports teams know who their fans are. They are aware of factors including gender, location and buying power. Investing in sporting events that align with your business increases your reach in this market, leading to greater sales and ROI on your campaigns.

Lead Generation

Sporting events bring you compatible customers. By attending in-person you can learn about customers, promote products, build a mailing list, and create profitable personal connections.

Brands have the opportunity to sponsor teams, individual athletes and social media influencers. This type of exposure has the potential to reach an audience the brand didn’t previously have. As stadiums continue to become fully connected with WiFi, HD screens and beacon technology, teams and sponsors are able to deepen their engagement with their fans.

Brad Green
Brad Green
Associate Creative Director