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March 22, 2019
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Dog Gone Great Content

This week, we are focusing in on the newest (and arguably cutest) social media trend: dogs.

At Nuvi, we have our very own CFO – Cute Fluffy Officer – named Brooks. The boost in office morale when Brooks comes in is undeniable.

Through personal and professional observations, we have noted significant increases in social media engagement when dogs are featured in content. We decided to put some data behind this theory to see if dogs really are a secret weapon in social media engagement.

Keep reading for our findings and recommendations on how your brand can tastefully include dogs to boost sentiment and engagement rates.

The Experiment

We identified 4 influential brands on Instagram and looked at the last 10 images posted without dogs, and last 10 with dogs to calculate average engagement rates.

The Target Group



State Farm


The Results

How dogs affect Instagram likes for leading brands:

The largest increases in engagement were earned by Target and Chick-fil-A. Both brands used dogs to promote their products. We also saw a significant increase in engagement with State Farm, proving that B2B can successfully have fun with incorporating pets into their content as well. Here are three ways brands can increase engagement by utilizing furry friends:

Product Promotion

Position a pet to interact with your product. This could be a dog shoving his face in some Chick-fil-A or riding in your rental car. There are a number of great ways to promote your products or increase brand awareness by adding some furry cuteness.

Increase Brand Sentiment

Promote pet-related holidays or seasons. A cute dog with a reminder to protect paws during winter, spotlight #NationalDogDay, or simply placing your dog in the background of your normally scheduled content ads some pizzazz into your normal content mix.

Showcase Company Culture

Showcasing pets in the workplace is a great way to publicize your unique culture. A few simple ideas are to post photos or videos of your furry friends attending casual Fridays, company events, or sporting brand swag.

Ready to incorporate some pets into your content? Let us know if you try it out and what your results are!