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Does the AAF have Legs

This past weekend the Alliance of American Football officially kicked off their season. I know what you are thinking — yes, there have been many pro football organizations that attempted to form successful leagues and failed. What makes the AAF different? A lot.

First off, the rule adjustments have been the biggest change between the NFL and the AAF. People have noticed. notable changes in the AAF include no kickoffs or extra points. Next, there will be no more confusion surrounding referees. Yes, there are still officials on the field, but there is also a ‘SkyJudge’ that can correct obvious and egregious errors, providing full transparency. Lastly, overtime functions more like college football, with each team getting one possession from the opponent’s 10-yd line. So far, fans approve of the rule alterations.

This weekend I watched my new local pro football team, the Salt Lake Stallions, open up the AAF season against the Arizona Hotshots. I was very curious to see what the reaction would be by fans. I also wanted to pay close attention to the product on the field and the broadcast quality. To my satisfaction, I saw a lot of positive conversations surrounding the league, an excellent and competitive product on the field, and a clean, professional broadcast.

Being an avid sports fan, I find athletic competitions to be a lot more enjoyable when I view and join the community conversations across social using Brickfish’s social listening platform, Nuvi. I was amazed by the level of conversation surrounding the Salt Lake Stallions game. With a reach of 13 million and an additional spread of 22.5 million, the social conversations and interaction rivaled what I see when I follow other local teams like Real Salt Lake or the Utah Jazz.

The opening AAF weekend attracted large twitter accounts like the NFL Network, Pro Football Focus, and USA Today Sports. With all of the exciting changes, I predict a successful season for the AAF. I can’t wait to follow along on television, Twitter, and through the AAF app! Now maybe all of these conversations were from the hype of the opening weekend of a new football league, or maybe this is the beginning of a new, successful professional football league. Only time will tell.

Dan Haslam
Dan Haslam
Senior Director of Client Success