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April 18, 2019
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Create a Raving Audience – Lessons from Coachella

Music Festival ticket sales have been on the decline and this has led organizers and promoters to take a close look at exactly who is buying their tickets. Some landmark studies by Eventbrite and Nielsen have provided some audience insights to target for festivals. Learn how to target your audience and increase your event attendance from these festival findings.


The group dubbed ‘Hardcore Festies’ accounted for nearly 20% of Coachella ticket sales. They spend roughly 78% more for their ticket than the average attendee. For organizers, targeting this audience is easy. The number one reason for attending is the artists, either to support their favorites, to see the headliners, or to see the supporting groups. Capturing this audience is important beyond ticket sales. Hardcore Festies are more likely to engage with sponsors and are more likely to post about it on social media. The attendees are far more likely to use social media that focuses on images, video, or audio like Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat.


So the question is, how do you market to them beyond having a killer lineup? This group is twice as likely to agree that festivals have become too corporate – so a humanized brand voice and marketing that understands the festivals’ community or the bands attending is important.

When asked where they hear about festivals, the top responses are from the artist themselves or from the ticket providers, so working with artists who understand the power of their own advocacy for the festival is important to reaching them.

Chances are, your brand’s event might not even remotely resemble Coachella or Bonnaroo, but the insights gained from music festivals shouldn’t be ignored. The average Hardcore Festie attends their favorite festivals an average of 3 times and spends close to 80% more than other attendees.

The best way to connect – learn how to provide a great experience packed with speakers, performers, celebrities, influencers, or groups your audience actually wants to see. Be sure your event lineup promotes the event on social. Your event, as well as sponsors, must implement a smart social strategy that allows your audience to easily digitally participate. Take it from the music industry, create a harmonious event with great experiences and your audience will be coming back for years to come.