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June 14, 2019
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June 26, 2019

Connect, Inspire, and Build Engaged Communities with Live Video.

Through the creation of social media the ability to observe content moments after an event has happened has not only became possible, but second nature. It has changed the way that we obtain news and information and has pushed the amount of content we see in a day through the roof. In its early years, social media was looked at as a raw and unfiltered lens into the lives of others, but as time has gone on, this idea has changed. Social content is ever more curated and now reflects the idealized lives of others and companies, rather than something real and natural. In this always-connected world, live video is not only more important, but is bringing social media back to its roots with real, unfiltered content, which can help connect companies more with their customers.

Being transparent in an age where everyone is connected to the internet is important, especially for companies. Writer Kathy Klotz-Guest states it well when she says “The future of streaming video success belongs to the leaders that embrace conversation, being human, and letting go. The more that companies relate to their customers, the more trust and loyalty the customer will show to the brand. The average consumer may understand that what they are buying comes from a large company, but they still want to know that the company is real and the product stems from real people.

This is where live video can play a big roll in transparency and relatability. A few examples of how companies can interact with their audience that Klotz-Guest states in her article are Q&As with viewers and customers, live customer support, live streaming events, and special product launches. With Nuvi listen, we are able to see that some of the trending keywords associated with live video are ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘video games’. This helps reiterate the idea that transparency and real interaction are key to the success of live video. On Twitter alone, within a single day, the number of mentions for “live video” were 43,218 with a reach of over 148 million. It is said that numbers do not lie, and these illustrate that live video is a popular topic that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

With social media came the ability to instantly share an unlimited amount of information that people or companies wanted, but it also helped hide, or filter, information as well. With this, consumers are craving real connection and more transparency from companies. Live video makes it harder to produce the content being shown thus forcing it to be more vulnerable and more welcoming to those who view it. In an age where the power is now with the consumer, companies can use live video to their advantage to create a culture and environment around their brand that anyone would approve of.