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How Social Listening Can Protect and Rebuild Your Brand

Christopher Ranch is a family-owned farming operation rooted in the rich soils of California’s Santa Clara Valley. From humble beginnings in the late 1800s by Danish immigrant, Ole Christopher, the family business is now the nation’s largest garlic producer.

Throughout their history, Christopher Ranch’s brand and reputation have been protected by practical business and efficient farming techniques. The importance of quality and safety is at the highest degree. Great lengths are taken to ensure all products are manufactured from the best standards of quality, safety, and sanitation, as well as environmentally conscious energy use and packaging. All of this is done in order to provide the best possible product on the market today – they stake their family name on it.

When a documentary tried to spoil their reputation, Christopher Ranch needed to quickly act to protect their good name in the market. Christopher Ranch found out the hard way that a carefully nurtured reputation can be tarnished – even destroyed – by factors outside of their control.

Social listening is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Christopher Ranch used Nuvi listen to quickly understand how the documentary-fueled PR nightmare might impact their bottom line. Their findings were concerning.

The conversations they saw were negatively trending. What was worse – customers began to exhibit major concerns over the building unsavory sentiment. Some threatened to stop carrying their products altogether. Rapidly it became apparent that Christopher Ranch was only seeing a narrow portion of the detrimental feedback prior to Nuvi.

Being aware of the negative associations with your brand is only a portion of the solution. The next step is to take action. Christopher Ranch launched counter campaigns to show that the documentary made inaccurate assumptions. With Nuvi, their executive leaders instantly identified the influencers working contrary to their message. Rather than taking a controversial approach, they directly reached out to have an open discussion, present them with facts, and requested their feedback. This practice dramatically improved the sentiment of conversations regarding Christopher Ranch and is still in use today.

In the last few months, a relatively small and unknown company like Christopher Ranch has been able to revitalize their brand image and reputation among their customer base, as well as help rectify negative sentiment among social conversations through an effective crisis communication plan and a social listening platform to put their plans into action.

Protecting and rebuilding your brand’s image and reputation takes as much vigilance as it did to establish it in the first place. Nuvi can show you how to start-off with social listening solutions that are user-friendly and easy to understand.