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June 11, 2019
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June 18, 2019

Changing the Way the World Listens

At the end of the day, all anyone really wants is to be heard. It confirms we’re not alone – that our thoughts and experiences matter. With social media, it’s easy to feel like our voice is being drowned out, rather than being part of the conversation. Nuvi’s world-class social listening powers brands to know their audience, engage in conversations, understand their brand sentiment, and increase brand loyalty while making sure their audience never goes unheard.

No matter how much you hear the opposite business is personal. You’ve spent an enormous amount of time, money, and dedicated your life to building your brand – every aspect of that is personal. The same can be said for consumers. Where they choose to spend their hard-earned dollars is largely due to how a product or service will personally benefit them.

With customers stretched across the globe, Nuvi is truly changing the way the world listens. Spreading across nearly every industry, our solutions are as unique as your brand is. From a small, family-owned garlic farm to global brands like Hertz, we have the keys every brand needs to tell their story.

While knowledge is useful, the real power comes with what you do with it. Our patented platform gives brands access to greater business insights so they can spend more time on what matters: reaching their audience. We do more than just listen so you can do more with your marketing. Data reporting and customizable dashboards make it simple to see beyond @mentions and #hashtags. Nuvi helps our clients truly understand their brand’s sentiment.

Do you remember growing up being taught to listen before we speak? That same rule applies to brands in today’s evolving marketplace. Consumers should be at the center of your brand. As consumers crave emotional connections with brands more and more, social listening is paramount. Social listening makes it simple for brands to put consumers front and center of product launches, campaigns, and everything in between.

To consumers, brands need to do more than produce great products and services, they need to build a community. Make connections with your audience, increase brand loyalty, and create a devoted community with Nuvi.