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4 Apps to Change your Wedding Planning Life

Weddings may be an age-old tradition, but you don’t have to act like Grandma when it comes to planning. Embracing technology will help eliminate potential mishaps and ease stress with just a few clicks. We’ve curated a list of the must-use wedding apps and the modern day crises they help avoid. And trust us, there’s more than just Pinterest when it comes to preparing for the Best. Day. Ever.


App: Wedding Spot

Avoids: Wasting precious weekends that could be spent enjoying engaged life


Only a split second went by before you said “yes” to the person of your dreams. Conservatively speaking, a few hours passed before saying “yes” to the dress. So why does it take endless weekend visits to countless locations before saying “yes” to a venue? Wedding Spot takes the stress out of the search by allowing you to compare venues based on budget, location, style, and capacity. In one easy click, you can book an appointment to view the venue of your dreams with minimal time and effort.





App: WeddingHappy

Avoids: Arguing with your fiancé who just so happens to work in finance


Apparently, there’s no such thing as wiggle room when it comes to setting a budget. And don’t try explaining that after signing four vendor contracts because all you’ll hear is something about “collateralized debt obligation” and before you know it your Chanel handbag is at stake. Before it’s too late, download WeddingHappy – the perfect app for budgeting and payment tracking (the hard stuff).


wedding happy app


App: Thankful Registry

Avoids: Looking like a crazy person with a scan gun in a store


When it comes to shopping, it’s all about the options. Why should your wedding registry be any different? Thankful Registry allows you to add gifts from virtually anywhere. Easy to use with a beautiful Pinterest-like design, you add gifts using a bookmark on your toolbar (like the “Pin It” button). Big box retailer? Easy. Your favorite online boutique? Just as easy. Honeymoon fund connected through PayPal? Hello, St. Barts! Sneak in the Chanel handbag that was held hostage after the budgeting argument? Go for it! (Just kidding)

thankful registry


App: WeddingWire

Avoids: Seating your fiancé’s frat bro next to your goody two-shoes sister-in-law


By using WeddingWire’s drag-and-drop tool, you can customize a seating chart, choose table shapes and keep track of RSVPs all in one location. The app allows you to layout your entire floor plan from the head table to the bar. Remember, Grandpa’s hearing is bad enough without seating him next to the sound system.



We promise – these apps will help avoid Bridezilla behavior, but if all else fails, there’s still good ol’ Excel.